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Image: Princess Lucia.
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Character Information: Touin Rina

Image: Rina in human form.Profile & Name

Image: Rina's name written in Japanese characters.
Name notes: Rina's given name could be written as either "Rina" or "Lina." On official merchandise, however, as well as in manga volume 05, her name is romanized as "Rina."

**Profile Translation**

Touin Rina

Rina is a junior high school student, in the same class as Lucia. She has a very serious, stalwart personality. She's initially somewhat of a loner, but she quickly learns to warm up to Lucia and Hanon. Because of her beauty, and her cool attitude, Rina has gained the admiration of many of the girls in her class. For some reason, she chooses to wear a boy's school uniform every day.

Rina is actually a mermaid, or more specifically, the Princess of the North Atlantic Ocean. Rina was raised as a princess within the mermaid world. However, Gakuto and the Dark Lovers destroyed her kingdom. Rina showed up on dry land in order to search for the other mermaid princesses; unfortunately, she also found Kaito, whom she was instantly suspicious of, since she (correctly) sensed that he had a connection to Gakuto.

Rina is more than just a mermaid princess. Using her Green Pearl, Rina can transform into Green Pearl Voice, and use the power of her singing voice as an offensive attack against the evil creatures of the sea.

AGE NOTES: Rina is thirteen years old at the start of the manga.

Rina's Forms

mermaid Rina
This is Rina's basic, true shape (first appearance: chapter 03).

mermaid princess Rina
Rina in her Mermaid Princess dress (first appearance: chapter 14).
Note: The details of Rina's princess outfit are inconsistent in the manga. Please see this page for more details.

Touin Rina
Rina in her human form (first appearance: chapter 03).

Green Pearl Voice
Rina's superheroine alter-ego (first appearance: chapter 03).

Green Pearl Voice, power-up outfit
Rina's new outfit, after her power-up in chapter 14.

Rina's Powers

Rina does not use a special phrase or incantation to transform into Green Pearl Voice; she just does.

"Cool Shine Pitch!"
Rina's main offensive attack as Green Pearl Voice, first used in chapter 03.

Magical Items

Green Pearl
The Green Pearl is the source of Rina's power; she needs it to transform into Green Pearl Voice.

seashell locket
Like the other mermaids, Rina keeps her pearl in a seashell locket that she wears around her neck. Her locket is green in color.

When she transforms into Green Pearl Voice, Rina uses her microphone to project her singing voice.

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