Demon's Anvil!  (A tiny 'Adventures of Kotetsu' fansite).
Image: 'Kotetsu no Daibouken' written in kanji.

Welcome to Demon's Anvil, a small site about the Kotetsu no Daibouken anime, manga, novel, and PC game. ADV Films has translated the English title of this series as The Adventures of Kotetsu, which is what I will use as the title throughout this site. Kotetsu is the story of Suzuki Linn, a deceptively adorable young girl with a really, really big sword, which was rumored to have been forged and tempered on a demon's anvil.

This layout is version 2.0 of the site. The background image used is supposed to look like the texture of denim, reminiscent of the well-worn blue jeans that Linn usually wears in the anime and manga.

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OAV Series
Synopsis // an introduction to the storyline.
Characters // a guide to the cast.
Production // information about the director, staff, and voice cast.
Shopping // where and how to buy a copy of the anime.

Other Stuff
Manga // a guide to the original manga by MEE.
PC Game // info and images from the PC game.
Other // artbook, novel, and drama CD.
Gallery // scans from LD covers, manga, the artbook, and the novel.

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This site was last updated on 6/24/07.

Disclaimer: The Adventures of Kotetsu is originally created and copyrighted by MEE, and is now owned by Palm Tree, Wani Books, and Daiei Co. Ltd. This website reproduces copyrighted images for the purpose of commentary on the original work; this is a fansite, intended for fun and educational purposes, and this website does not in any way generate a profit for its owner. However, Demon's Anvil and all original writing, graphics, and coding found therein are © by me, Kotetsu. Stealing and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Thank you.