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  Why Crowley?

My reasons for creating this site are simple and ultimately somewhat shallow. For one, I fell in love with Crowley's character my first time reading through Good Omens, and a second read-through only made me realize that I favored him even more. He has the cool car, the sunglasses, the creepy eyes, and most of the best lines. He's consistently funny by himself, but even funnier with Aziraphale as a foil.

Crowley is an interesting character precisely because he has so many despicable personality traits (duh, he's EVIL) but he actually ends up being one of the most likeable, sympathetic characters in the book. Crowley has to deal with a lot of the daily frustrations that the rest of us average schmucks have to deal with in our lowly mortal lives - his bureaucratic bosses from Below treat him like dirt and don't appreciate his genius, his only friend is constantly nagging at him to do (or not do) something or other, he finds himself a victim of circumstances that appear to be completely out of his control. Crowley seeks refuge in surrounding himself with material possessions, and in engaging in petty power trips whenever he can by infecting human lives with his particular brand of subtle evil (or by terrorizing his houseplants, whatever). One passage that REALLY struck me my second time through the book is the bragging that Crowley does in the opening chapter about how his meddling with the London cellular phone system caused thousands of humans to become frustrated, irritable, and then go and take out their anger on the others around them. I can't help but wonder how much Crowley is unconsciously (or consciously) recreating his own situation here. Who is taking out his frustration on who? There's no doubt that Crowley enjoys what he does and who is his very much - he revels in being nasty. But at the same time, there's a lot of unspoken, forcefully sublimated frustration in his life that probably helps feed that drive to do evil, too.

The caveat is that I tend to agree with most reviews I've read of Good Omens, and I think that Crowley and Aziraphale are definitely the two most-developed characters in the book. The other members of the rather large cast of characters are all interesting in their own ways, but none of them approach the depth or complexity of Crowley or Aziraphale. So when I decided that I wanted to make a Good Omens character shrine, I knew right away that it would come down to a choice between Crowley and Aziraphale. (Two of them together would have been too much; I just don't have the energy or the time to tackle both of them at once.) In the end, I chose Crowley, because I do like him a smidgen better than I like Aziraphale. ^^ Plus, like I said, Crowley gets most of the good lines.

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