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  Current Updates

Just updated the television series page with some info about the upcoming Good Omens miniseries. I'll probably update again once the series has finished airing. I know, I know, I'm surprised that I'm updating the site again too!

Well, after going for a year without having the time or energy to properly update this website, I think it's time to declare a permanent hiatus. Thus I have closed all fanfic and fanart submission, tidied up some things here and there, and basically gotten this website ready for some permanent stasis. Thank you to everyone who has submitted fanfic, art, guest commentary, wallpapers, and other goodies through the years - and thank you especially for all of the kind words of love and support! I really enjoyed the time that I spent working on this website. I'm also really happy that the Good Omens fandom is still going strong on fanfiction.net, deviantart, livejournal, and throughout the internet. I'm putting this website aside for the time being, but I'm definitely still participating in the fandom. I'll see y'all around the internet, then! Ciao!

  Older Updates

New fanart by SeraphimKiss, and new fanfic by Lily Kane.

A bit of new commentary added to the Mission page, and new casting-related links added to the movie page.

Another long time between updates, sorry. Anyway! This time we've got some new fanfic by Sirius Luva, some new fanart by Taiyou-chan, and new commentary added to the Apples and Oranges page. There are also new casting-related links added to the movie page.

Wow. Long time no update. Er... Sorry! Anyway, we're back and with lots of new goodies this time. There's a new fanfic by StickToTheStory, lots of new fanart by Eldanis and Taiyou-chan, bunches of new covers added to the novel information page, new commentary added to the Apples and Oranges page, and a couple more fanmixes linked on the Musical Crowley page.

Two new pieces of fanart by Taiyou-chan, plus one more fanmix linked on the Musical Crowley page.

Two new pieces of fanart by Taiyou-chan.

New fanart by Taiyou-chan. More updates on the Musical Crowley page and the links list.

Added new fanart by Emmie and Taiyou-chan. Updated the Musical Crowley page and the links list.

Updated the Bentley page with a link submitted by Mishalak. Also deleted some old information and fan speculation that's no longer relevant.

Added new fanart by Taiyou-chan.

Added new links to Musical Crowley, and a new newsbite to the movie news page.

Added one new song to Musical Crowley. I know, it's awfully soon for another update already, but I'm trying to avoid getting a backlog before the holidays. ;)

Added new fanart by Taiyou-chan and Kassie, and a new desktop wallpaper by Kassie.

Added some new fanart by Xeno, and updated the movie news page.

Sorry for the delay! Anyway, this time we've got new fanart by Kat and Sanomi, and new fanfiction by Argyle. Also added some new guest commentary to the Good and Evil page. Oh, and in case you haven't heart, Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs has new Good Omens scents available. Get them while you can!

Another short quickie update: new fanfiction by Lisa, and new fanart by Talia.

A short quickie update: new fanfiction by Lady Oneiros.

A looooong overdue update! This time we've got new fanart by Bonemeadow, Cabsie, Detritus, Linn, Sfumat0, and Spoonfuloftears. There's also new fanfiction by DaughtersOfIsis. Finally, the movie news page has been updated, and there are more updates to the links list.

Musical Crowley and the movie news page have gotten major updates. Evil is Only Skin Deep has gotten a minor update with a scan of a new Crowley cover illustration.

New fanart by Apatheticfrog and Linn have been added to the archive. Musical Crowley and the movie news page have gotten minor updates. The links list has been updated.

Musical Crowley has gotten a minor update, and there's new fanfiction by Yami ni Ichigo. Also, if you don't mind a shameless plug... The Good Omens Lexicon is calling out for writers to help contribute! The project will be awesome when it's finished, but we need your help!

Let's see... The novel information page has been updated with scans of the new hardcover illustrations. The movie page has been updated, as has Musical Crowley. The list of Crowley's powers has been updated. The links list has been reorganized and updated. I've also added new fanart by Alina, Apatheticfrog, AvalonAuggie, Linn, Meg, Mooneytoes, Morbidmooney, Nicole, Soda, and Stefanie.

Okay, so I didn't get all the fanart that I have backed up uploaded in time for this update. However, I do have three new desktop wallpapers to share with you, substantial updates to the movie news page and to the links list, and a minor update to the music page.

Plus, some exciting news!

  • Harper Collins is planning to print two new hardcover editions of Good Omens, one with a black Crowley cover, and another with a white Aziraphale cover.
  • Irisbleu reports from a Terry Pratchett book signing, in which PTerry discusses the possibility of a Good Omens sequel, and the process by which he and GNeil collaborated to write the book.
  • At a Mirrormask preview, GNeil also mentioned the possibility of a Good Omens sequel, what the plot might look like, and made an offhand comment about Good Omens slash fangirls.
  • Irisbleu has also compiled a compendium of links relating to the GNeil event in Cambridge.
  • At another event, GNeil spoke more about the sequel, the South Downs, Aziraphale, and porn.

Added new fanart by ace_girl, altazar, andreanna, blue_phlox, Janet Chui, Hellen M. Grünefeld, linnpuzzle, and Spheredra. Added one new fanfic by Sabé. Added one new desktop wallpaper by noirenails, and several new songs and links to the "Musical Crowley" page. After two years without updates, there's finally some new news items linked on the movie page. Also, I updated the Bentley page with some new guest commentary. Finally, did another massive update and re-org to the links list.

Added new fanart by apatheticfrog, andreanna, dastardly, and linn. Added one new desktop wallpaper by noirenails, and several new songs and links to the "Musical Crowley" page. Finally, did a massive update and re-org to the links list.

New layout! Do you like it? Anyway, I do have a bunch of fanart and new links to add to the site... But I didn't. I spent all of time getting this layout up instead. Anyway, please look forward to more awesome fanart at the next update!

Added a new section, Musical Crowley. Also, added a ton of gorgeous new fanart by Angel, Djinniyah, Kyraille, Lazy_as_a_cat, Linn, Lizard, Lunchbox Oddity, Mousepirate, Soda, and xShadax. Finally, added some new links to most sections of the links list, and cleaned out/updated a bunch of old links.

New fanart by Linn, Mouse Pirate, Omelton, Red Eft, and Sarah. I updated just about every section of the links list as well as the movie links page. Enjoy!

New fanart by Linn and Omelton, and one new fanfic by Daegaer. Also, I added one new link (under the Fandom, Community section).

Sadness. No new fanfic or fanart for a while, so... The only thing new at this update is that I added one new link (under the Fandom, Community section).

There's a new fanfic by S. G., a new picture of James Marsters on the movie page (I knew that his natural hair color was black!), and an updated link to the Crowley fanlisting. Finally, we've got an ID on the mystery (Finnish) novel cover on the introductory page about the novel itself.

Off hiatus! Fanworks submissions have been officially re-opened. And, to kick off this update, there's new fanart by My up in the gallery. Also, some guest commentary added to the Bentley page, to the good versus evil page, and to the page about Crowley's hobbies. Finally, a correction about the cover of the Polish edition of Good Omens has been noted on the introductory page about the novel itself.

Although this site is still on hiatus, there was just something that I HAD to add to the Doubles section. BTW, that section has now been divided into multiple pages, and the fun new addition is on Aziraphale's page. ^^;; And, of course, since the very talented Sarah saw fit to send some fanart my way, I of course had to add that as well. Also, some guest commentary added to Aziraphale's page, and a minor correction noted on the Bentley page. But, yeah, still on hiatus, so no new fanfic this time around. I have this massive pile of fanfics that I've been saving to read for when I get home from Japan... I wish that people would just stop writing good fanfics while I'm abroad! (*whine whine whine*)

New fanart by Angel, Finn, Marin, and Omelton. Added one new fanfic, "Personal Demons," by Daegaer. There are new links under the 'Fandom: Community' and 'Fandom: Individual' sections.

And with that, this site is now officially on hiatus while I spend a semester studying abroad. I'll return sometime in May 2004. Until then, don't expect me to be able to answer any email in a timely fashion.

Kinda soon for another update, I know. But heck, I had fanart sitting in my inbox just screaming at me to put on this site. ^^ Hence, there is new fanart by Carrie-ko and Marin.

There is new fanart by Dr. Worm and Omelton, and, in addition, the fanart section has been reorganized into subpages. My fic Ordinary Miracles has been completed. Aziraphale's section has been split into two seperate pages, on of which is devoted entirely to his relationship with Crowley, where some new commentary has been posted. There are three new links under the 'Fandom: Individual' section.

More fanfic! There are two new fanfics by Daegaer, and four new chapters added to my fic Ordinary Miracles. There's also one new link under the 'Gaiman and Pratchett Resources' section.

Big update today! There's new fanart by Angel, new fanfics by Daegaer and Kotetsu (me), one new quote posted on the quote page (from page 72), new commentary posted on Aziraphale's page (under "Un-Angelic"), new commentary posted on Crowley's list of good and evil deeds (regarding the paintgun incident), and a new character added to Celluloid Doubles.

There's lovely new fanart by Angel, and some new links under the "Fanlistings" category.

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