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  Tricks Up His Sleeve

This page is meant to be a fairly thorough listing of all the nifty demonic tricks and powers that Crowley utilizes in the course of the book. Yes, I do have too much free time to be sitting around and compiling this list. ^^

page 7 - While driving his Bentley and being pursued by a police car, Crowley makes a "complicated gesture over his shoulder" and the following occurs: "...The police car rolled to a halt, much to the amazement of its occupants. But it would be nothing to the amazement they'd experience when they opened the hood and found out what the engine had turned into."

page 15 - Crowley stands in the rain but does not get wet.

page 32 - It's hinted that Crowley and Aziraphale sometimes "cover" for each other's duties. "Both were of angel stock, after all." Which means that Crowley is perfectly capable of being able to "nip across the city and carry out a standard brief moment of divine ectasy."

page 43 - Both Crowley and Aziraphale are capable of getting themselves smashingly drunk and then magically sobering up in the blink of an eye.

page 52 - Crowley toys with the idea of conjuring up a hurricane to get rid of the "queue of nannies" forming outside Warlock's home, but settles for a workers' strike instead.

page 65 - Crowley "breathed life back into" a limp dove that he pulled out of Aziraphale's coat sleeve. "The dove cooed appreciatively and flew off, a trifle warily." (Thanks to Doe for pointing that one out!)

page 65 - Contrary to pretty much the rest of the book, for once, Crowley initiates contact with Hell of his own accord, instead of Hell calling upon him. He flips on the radio in his Bentley and talks to Dagon, Lord of the Files, Master of Madness, Under-Duke of the Seventh Torment.

page 72 - Crowley drives ninety miles per hour down Oxford Street, arranging matters so that nothing and nobody ever inconveniently gets in his way.

pages 72 and 85 - It's explained that Crowley and Aziraphale can't die, per se, but if their human bodies are killed, they have to do a lot of explaining to Hell and Heaven (respectively) in order to get new ones.

page 76 - Crowley repairs a scratch and a dimple on his Bentley just by glaring at it.

page 78 - We assume that Crowley can see pretty well in the dark, since he thinks that he doesn't need headlights when driving, although they do make other humans less nervous, so he switches them on. Later on page 85, it says that "Demons have to be able to see in the dark."

page 86 - Crowley gives an overzealous paintgun-warrior, Nigel Tompkins, the scare of his life by assuming some awful, demonic shape. Tompkins screams and passes out, and Crowley "restored himself to his favorite shape." Crowley's appearance is never actually described, but afterwards Aziraphale admonishes him, "I think the maggots were a bit over the top, myself."

page 86 - Unlike Aziraphale, who buys his clothes, Crowley merely wishes them into being.

page 89 - Crowley changes all of the paintguns being used at the Manor into real machine guns. "He wanted a real gun," Crowley says in reference to Tompkins (implying some mind-reading ability, or at least the ability to sense the desires of others). "Every desire in his head was for a real gun." As for the rest of the would-be warriors? They get guns too, since, as Crowley says, "Fair's fair."

page 90 - Crowley hypnotizes Mary Hodges with a snap of his fingers.

page 91 - Crowley actually performs a miracle. Make that miracles. He saves all of the gunmen by giving them "miraculous escapes."

page 98 - "There were double yellow no-parking lines in the narrow road outside Aziraphale's bookshop, but they obediantly rolled back on themselves when the Bentley pulled in to the curb."

page 233 - Crowley can abandon his physical body, "which is a picnic for a demon... For those of angel stock or demon breed, size, and shape, and composition, are simply options." In this particular instance, Crowley makes himself very very tiny and zips himself into a telephone line in order to escape Hastur. He travels "through over twenty miles of cable in less than a second." He finally zaps himself back out of his own telephone just in time to trap Hastur in the answering machine.

page 237 - "The fire was all around him, and Crowley ignored it. His left trouser leg began to smolder; he stopped it with a glance."

page 239 - Aziraphale's bookshop burns and collapses, with Crowley still inside. Of course, he walks out of the flaming debris a few seconds later, completely unscathed.

page 254 - Crowley's Bentley pretty much drives itself while he sits in the driver's seat and reads The Nice and Accurate you-know-what.

page 259 - "Then he began to smile. He snapped his fingers. A pair of dark glasses materialized out of his eyes. The ash vanished from his suit and skin. What the hell. If you had to go, why not go with style?"

page 288 - Crowley's Bentley spontaneously combusts when he drives it across the M25, but he still forces the flaming, wrecked, and ruined car to carry him all the way to Lower Tadfield, holding it together merely with the force of his will. He drives with clenched teeth and glowing red eyes. "It was the effort of holding it together that was causing Crowley to clench his teeth, and the biospatial feedback that was causing the red eyes. That and the effort of having to remember not to start breathing."

page 316 - "For the last thirty miles he had been imagining that a ton of burning metal, rubber, and leather was a fully-functioning automobile, and the Bentley had been resisting him fiercely. The hard part had been to keep the whole thing rolling after the all-weather radials had burned away... The remains of the Bentley dropped suddenly onto its distorted wheel rims as he stopped imagining that it had tires."

page 316 - Yanagiken points out that Crowley patted the surface of the flaming Bentley ("You wouldn't get that sort of performance out of one of these modern cars," he said lovingly) without incurring any physical harm. This, too, counts as a power.

page 341 - Crowley sprouts his wings.

page 345 - Crowley steals a Jeep from the Lower Tadfield Air Base in order to drive himself and Aziraphale back to London. "It had a cassette player. This isn't general issue, even for American military vehicles, but Crowley automatically assumed that all vehicles he drove would have cassette players and therefore this one did, within seconds of him getting in. The cassette that he put on as he drove was marked Handel's Water Music, and it stayed Handel's Water Music all the way home."

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