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  Likely Lists

"Likely lists," as I've dubbed them, are modeled after the extraordinarily detailed and usually somewhat silly character profiles found in Japanese anime and manga, mostly commonly in shoujo comics. You know, the long lists of stats that tell you a character's blood type, favorite school subjects, favorite foods, goals in life, etc, etc, ad naseum. The point of these lists is... Well, there is no point. I was just speculating and having a bit of fun, that's all. So these are my choices for Crowley's most likely favorite pets, movies, video games, and other stuff, based on my interpretation of his character. Not that Crowley in the novel ever shows ANY inclination toward owning a pet, playing video games, or taking up a musical instrument. But if he did, these would be my guesses as to where his interests would take him. ^^ And yeah, I decided to do Aziraphale too, because in some ways his list was even more fun to write.

  Likely Lists - Crowley

Pet: A boa constrictor. Or one of those bird-eating tarantulas from South America. Something that he could scare the neighbors with.

Mixed Drink: Bloody Mary.

Musical Instrument: Acoustic guitar.

Fictional Hero: Fox Mulder.

Beach Reading: Stephen King.

Console Games: Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, for obvious reasons.

Least Favorite Movie: It's a Wonderful Life. Agrees with Aziraphale on this one.

Secret Talent: Can unhinge his jaw and swallow a whole mouse while it's still alive. Not that he ever would - that's disgusting! - but the point is that he could.

Baffled By: Films by Akira Kurosawa. And God.

Proudest Accomplishment: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). And Tony Blair.

Alternative Career Choices: Millionaire playboy, drag racer, lawyer, politician.

  Likely Lists - Aziraphale

Pet: A goldfish. Something small, that doesn't take up much space, that can be stuck on a shelf somewhere, and that doesn't require much responsibility. A hamster or guinea pig at the very most. No dogs or cats - the bookshop is not animal-proof.

Mixed Drink: Screwdriver.

Musical Instrument: Anything but the harp.

Fictional Hero: Sherlock Holmes.

Beach Reading: James Joyce, or Chaucer. Not that Aziraphale ever actually lounges around on the beach. He sunburns easily and doesn't care for sand.

Console Game: Er... Pong?

Least Favorite Movie: It's a Wonderful Life. Agrees with Crowley on this one.

Baffled By: The popularity of the Beatles. Is this that "bebop" stuff that everyone keeps talking about?

Secret Talent: Can speak more languages than he knows what to do with, including most that are now extinct. But then again, since the last hundred years or so, he's been having a hard time shaking off his British accent. So now even his Latin is starting to sound silly.

Proudest Accomplishment: Sliced bread. And Tony Blair.

Alternative Career Choices: Librarian, college professor (probably history or literature), brain surgeon.

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