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Why Crowley?
A little commentary about why I adore Crowley's character and why I decided to create this site... as opposed to, say, a site for Aziraphale.

Caveat Emptor: The Further Disclaimers
Stuff that you should know about this site - illegal usage of book quotations, the personal biases of the webmistress and how they're reflected in the content of this site, that sort of thing.

Site Credits
A list of resources and materials used to create this site.

Speak Your Voice
How to contact the webmistress.

Link In/Link Out
A list of nifty related links, and ways that you can link back to this site.

Site Updates
Notification of what is changed/added to in this site, and when.

Important Note: Page numbers in reference to quotations from the book refer to the 1996 Ace mass-market paperback edition.     Disclaimer: Crowley, Aziraphale, and Good Omens are owned and copyrighted by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Excerpts and quotes from the novel Good Omens used throughout this site are reproduced without legal permission, for which I can only hang my head sheepishly and apologize. However, this is a FANSITE, meant in the name of fun, and not intended to make a profit. The lovely model in this site's header graphic is an endangered Eastern Indigo Snake, in a photograph courtesy of SeaWorld.org. Brushes used in the header graphic are courtesy of Paper Flowers.