Welcome to Boyfruit, a shrine to Akimi Yoshida's manga (Japanese comic book) series 'Banana Fish'. Contents immediately follow this header; Navigation follows contents.


Welcome to Boyfruit, a small fansite dedicated to Akimi Yoshida's revolutionary manga series Banana Fish!

Banana Fish is available in English from Viz LLC. However, the original Japanese series ended in 1994, and unfortunately, many current manga fans pass over this series in favor of newer, more current manga titles. Nevertheless, Banana Fish can not so easily be brushed aside for even the most casual fan of shoujo manga. To read more about this series and why it's considered a classic of shoujo manga, please read this site's Introduction.

Navigation is in the menu to the left. On this site you will find some basic information about the manga, as well as a small sample of artwork scans, and some fanworks. My goal in creating this site is to hopefully get more readers interested in this wonderful manga series!



Banana Fish is copyrighted by Akimi Yoshida, Shougakukan Publishing, and Viz Comics. I do not own Banana Fish and I have no right whatsoever to even be including Yoshida-sensei's copyrighted artwork on this website. However, this site is intended for information and for fun, not for profit. Please don't sue me - I don't have any money to give you anyway!