Welcome to Boukenshin.net, a collective of fansites and personal websites by me, Kotetsu.


Welcome to Boukenshin.net, my collective of websites. This layout features a trio of Norns (Skuld, Verdandi/Belldandy, and Urd) from Kosuke Fujishima's anime and manga series Ah! My Goddess. By the way, you can find the original scans of these images over at Megami-sama.net, another one of my domains. The background used on these pages is courtesy of Squidfingers.

Boukenshin.net is a collective of mostly anime and manga-related fansites, although there's some other stuff floating around here too (and a treat for Good Omens fans as well). I hope that you enjoy what I and my hostees have to offer you here.


Artwork used, the characters Skuld, Belldandy, and Urd, and Ah! My Goddess in general are copyrighted by Kosuke Fujishima and Kodansha publishing. All anime and manga are copyrighted by their respective creators and owners. However, Boukenshin.net and all original writing, graphics, and coding found therein are © by me, Kotetsu. Stealing and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Thank you.

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